Developing a Value Co-creation Model for Experience Communication in Creative Design Industry

  • 蔡 亦昌

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This action research explores the customer experience management strategies in the background of changing consumer values from a shift of Agrarian Economy to Transformation Economy According to the literature and discussions shared with Yeong-Jin Furniture Factory the standpoint is looked upon from the perspective of experience communication values as the determinant of sustainable creative design industry This is conducted through a practice-based research that attempts to identify novel approaches to render these experiences through utilizing shared value and experience co-creation by designing encounters between firm and consumer This research scope includes the background of theoretical reviews along with case study challenges provided by firms from the creative design industry in achieving new experience values by the lens of the Transformation Economy The contribution to this study will be in the disciplines of marketing and brand strategic managements of changing economic value An action research plan was prepared and proposed to Yeong Jin Wooden Craft Furnishing business for collaboration sharing a practiced-based research motivation in co-creating peak-experience encounters The research utilizes qualitative interactive research methods of in-depth interview focus groups and moderate participatory approach to clarify new consumer sensibilities and opportunities for experience value designs through encounters in retail branches The process is three fold; first is a pre-understanding of current business imperatives and relevant literature findings second collecting consumer sensibilities by investigating field data and finally implementing acquired data into model development for co-creating firm/consumer experience encounters Pre-understanding is an introduction of the research background literature and understanding of current firm operations along with company managers to hypothesize essential themes Following through by collecting and analyzing primary field data accordingly to those initial firm assumptions via in-depth interviewing consumers encounters in retail branches then classifying consumer characteristics for a comprehensive implementation in enhancing experience event offerings Lastly the research will take a moderate participatory approach in these experience events to study outcomes of the created firm/consumer encounters reflecting their perceived experiences as guidelines for future implementation All in all the principles will construct a customer experience strategy model framework in supporting encounter preferences that will shed new light for business imperatives and gain firms new perspectives in consumer sensibilities pro market sustainability Preliminary studies in literature findings have suggested the future of market competition waging upon the keen understanding of changing business and consumer relationships In the era of consumers empowered with the knowledge in making choices market values are not anymore firm centric but co-created shared by consumers and societal norms Businesses today are obliged to provide commodities on behalf of rendering authentic experience encounters that may in turn attract consumption much effectively than staking exclusively on the creativity of product designing The research on Yeong Jin furniture factory explores a good representation for Taiwan’s mid-small enterprises that face the challenges in the transformation of manufacture base to an original brand firm This investigation reveals current situational problems as well as possible solutions practical for sustainability of the greater industry of creative design business
Date of Award2015 Jul 7
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Han Yang (Supervisor)

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