Development and Validation of Sleep Staging Rules for a New Designed Eyemask

  • 王 俊棋

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Sleep is very important for human beings People spend one third of life on sleep Many studies today indicate that sleep play a significance role on energy storage and learning However there’s not everyone who can acquire good sleep quality Thus on the clinical diagnosis doctors use polysomnographic (PSG) recording to analyze and evaluate sleep quality of patients and diagnosis specific sleep diseases Nevertheless the large amount of wires for conventional PSG often makes disturbance to user Thus the recording of sleep cannot reflect the user sleep condition as usual Our goal is to design an automatic sleep staging method based on EOG which disturbs the user sleep much less than PSG recordings Most automatic sleep staging method merely considered the EOG patterns as assistance for REM sleep scoring not taking it as a primary sign of sleep In our study we found that EOG can not only capture the eye movement activity but some patterns from EEG signs This made the sleep scoring based on EOG become available We introduced some EOG characteristic we found in this paper and finally utilized these features to develop an EOG sleep staging method After training and testing with 16 subjects our method reached overall 90 82% agreement The result proved that the EOG channel is useful on sleep staging as EEG did and supports the development on self-applicable sleep monitoring device for further application
Date of Award2018 Sep 7
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Fu Liang (Supervisor)

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