Development of a warning framework for slope retaining system based on soil-structure interactions and real-time monitoring

  • 邱 心彥

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This study uses PYWALL software to simulate apply consider the advantages of soil-structure interaction effectively simulate the deformation behavior of flexible retaining wall analyze the change of wall top rotation angle of slope retaining system to define the site warning value The monitoring site is monitored automatically by the customized wireless monitoring system and a warning framework is established The monitoring site is located on the roadside slope retaining system at South Cross-Islond Highway 52K This site has a history of destruction in the past and the slope is still in an unstable state The research uses the customized monitoring system that can measure the groundwater level soil water content surface inclination retaining wall inclination and cracks in the retaining wall The monitoring module is widely used in the MEMS system With different sensors combined with data storage and wireless communication function modules a regional network is formed in the selected site and the monitoring data is instantly uploaded to the cloud platform through LTE (4G) technology In the study the ground water level is used as the change factor and the PYWALL software is used to simulate the local water level rise and fall to know the influence of the existing retaining wall deformation The warning value of the rotation angle of the monitoring site is defined as 0 3°~0 35° and the ground water depth warning value is 2 9 to 4 meters which is fit with the warning value after the results of the monitoring It shows that the simulated warning value is informative
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Jong Chang (Supervisor)

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