Development of a Wrist-type Pulse Recording System and Its Applications

  • 雲 泰傑

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In recent years the research about wearable device becomes popular There are many products claimed its function for monitoring physiological signal with various ways to assist users knowing their physical condition One of most directly related to health is the function of the heart The electrocardiography is the traditional method to measure it In clinical use pulse oximeter with transmitted optical technology is another way has been widely applied As mentioned above those are not comfortable and convenient because of limitation by electro and wire Therefore the wearable sense technology and research about application grow rapidly In this study we design a system with reflective optical sensor technology to sense pulse rate and accelerometer to capture body movement then discuss its application in different user scenario For the reason that we arrange three experiments for evaluating system’s accuracy stability and futurity First short-term HRV analysis to compare each parameter between PPG from our system and ECG from Holter Second long-term all-night recording for verifying stability and monitoring function Last we do the interdisciplinary research about nap to correlate the relationship between cardiac rhythms and sleep stage for innovation The former two experiments show that our system could provide the identical result as traditional ECG Holter above 90% consistency We prove that our system is suitable for not only short-term standard HRV analysis but also long-term continuous autonomic nervous system recording For its application we record the multi physiological by polysomnography and pulse rate by our system at nap After analyzing we get the preliminary relationship between cardiac rhythms and sleep stage at nap such as the decreased heartbeat would accompany with sleep begins the steady heartbeat might lead to deep sleep Those characteristic give us more physiological information about nap
Date of Award2015 Aug 18
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Fu Liang (Supervisor)

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