Development of an Omnidirectional-Capable Electromagnetic Shock Wave Generator for Aesthetic Lipolysis

  • 張 明豪

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This thesis describes the process and lessons learned in the course of developing an electromagnetic shock wave generator (EMSWG) for the purpose of lipolysis in aesthetic medicine The design and configuration of the power charging system the shock wave intensity measurement system and the EMSWG itself are detailed in this work Experiments using porcine adipose tissue are carried out to demonstrate the efficacy of using shock waves for lipolysis In support of this work we review and apply established concepts such as measurement of peak pressure calculation of shock wave energy intensity and current measurement along with the histological preparation of tissues Improvements to the EMSWG in terms of lens design membrane fixation and a soft patient interface can add usability and convenience for eventual clinical use and allow the additional feature of omnidirectional positioning of the shock wave generator Pertinent aspects of the design process such as the acoustic lens development and the evolution of the membrane supports are discussed A supporting software tool for computer image processing is provided for automatic analysis of shock wave lipolysis effects Results from both the development prototype and the current design of the EMSWG are given in this work The major findings of the experiments show the application of the omnidirectional EMSWG at 6 kV operating voltage on 1 cm thick porcine adipose tissue specimens resulted in a peak pressure of 1 08±0 009 MPa and energy intensity of 0 064±0 0003 mJ/mm^2 On 2 cm thick specimens the peak pressure of 1 04±0 009 MPa and energy intensity of 0 061±0 0002 mJ/mm^2 were observed The 3 cm thick specimens yielded peak pressure of 1 01±0 004 MPa and energy intensity of 0 057±0 0002 mJ/mm^2 The histological evaluation of the 2 cm thick specimens showed a lysed area of about 2 35 mm^2 with 2000 shock wave exposures at 6 kV With 2000 shock wave exposures at 6 5 kV the lysed area increased to about 5 20 mm^2 with corresponding peak pressure of 1 25±0 003 MPa and energy intensity of 0 072±0 0002 mJ/mm^2 Effective adipocyte lysis results at the operating voltages of at least 6 kV for this experimental framework Lysed area increases with number of shock wave exposures At 6 kV 500 shock wave exposures results in a lysed area percentage of about 2 7 % Increasing the number of shock wave exposures to 2000 yields a lysed area percentage of about 26 9 % As expected increasing the operating voltage enhances lipolysis effects At 6 5 kV 2000 shock wave exposures yield a large lysed area percentage of about 59 4 % These results demonstrate feasibility for the application of the developed omnidirectional EMSWG as a non-invasive electromagnetic-type shock wave device for clinical lipolysis therapies
Date of Award2017 Jul 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSan-Yih Lin (Supervisor)

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