Development of Flight Software and Implementation of Test Bed for the IRIS Cubesat

  • 黃 銘賢

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Intelligent Remote-Sensing and Internet Satellite (IRIS) is a Cubesat project in which two nanosatellites IRIS-A and IRIS-B are being developed by National Cheng Kung Universit IRIS-A it is a 2U Cubesat and equipped with an Internet of Things (IoTs) payload to achieve the Doppler shift estimation and improve the quality of downlink signal IRIS-B it is a 3U Cubesat equipped with a Remote-Sensing Instrument (RSI) to carry out image capturing and conduct object detection and disaster prediction via an uploaded training model from deep learning During the mission process flight software (FSW) is a critical part of the function which serves as a core of management in the satellite The proposed FSW and its functions are implemented in the Onboard Computer (OBC) of the IRIS Cubesat In the IRIS project in which there are two payloads with entirely different purposes and interfaces so a flexible FSW needs to be developed FSW is responsible for system maintenance validation and execution of telecommand (TC) data flow handling between modules and operation of mission scheduling OBC provides the hardware interface to communicate with subsystems and payload The thesis intends to discuss the implementation of a reliable and flexible FSW framework to serve various payloads which is to reduce development cycle The content includes software design and architecture of FSW the transition of operation mode anomaly handling redundant storage Moreover for the success of the mission the verification activities of FSW are also required In this thesis to make each test case flexible and easy to configure a software test bed (STB) is developed which simulates the behavior of subsystems Moreover in the thesis two kinds of test scenarios are proposed low-level test and ground based software test
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJyh-Chin Juang (Supervisor)

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