Development of Integrity Monitoring Test-Bed Algorithm Availability Simulation Tool

  • 林 家暐

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Global positioning system (GPS) has been used for positioning navigation and time applications However in the field of civil aviation standalone GPS cannot meet the required navigation performance (RNP) for aircraft approaches and landings In order to solve this problem the international civil aviation organization (ICAO) recommends ground-based augmentation system (GBASs) as a solution to augment GPS for category I (CAT I) approaches and landings GBAS also support complex approach procedures While the Taipei flight information region (FIR) lacks GBAS services it will require a lot of effort to assess its navigation service performance under various system configurations This effort will also require many administrative procedures for assessment of the project and will also require a great deal of labor To reduce these related costs in this thesis an availability analysis tool is developed to simulate the GBAS prototype as an integrity monitoring test-bed (IMT) at the airport of interest This IMT simulation tool includes an IMT algorithm and a graphical user interface (GUI) which is also developed to allow the users to modify parameters The output of the simulation tool is a Stanford Chart which indicates the availability for user protection level versus various RNP levels This simulation tool is developed on Qt (http://qt digia com/) an open-source cross-platform software allowing the tool to run on various devices and operation systems Several airports in different FIRs are used to evaluate the performance The results of this thesis can serve as a reference for future GBAS implementation in the Taipei FIR
Date of Award2014 Jun 6
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShau-Shiun Jan (Supervisor)

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