Development of photoelectric geometric error calibration system for precision manufacturing machines

  • 陳 柏宇

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


With the advancement of precision manufacturing the precision requirements of the manufacturing equipment are constantly increasing The finished products are moved toward two trends: one is that the product size is downsized into micro-/nano-meter scale the other one is the product size is enlarged Regardless of which situation the inspection technology of the manufacturing equipment is regarded as an important issue Most errors in a manufacturing equipment system come from the assembly process and component quality The aims of this study is to develop a high accuracy high efficiency and low cost inspection system which is used to inspect or measure various degrees of freedom (DOF) errors and assembly errors In terms of multi-DOF error inspection the main purpose of this research is to develop a measurement system which can measure the multi-degree of freedom error caused by the manufacturing equipment during assembly and movement processes Three kinds of high-precision detection systems are constructed including a geometric error measurement system for linear guideway assembly and calibration the machine tool bi-axial straightness error detection system and the machine tool rotary axis angle error detection system The proposed system can be applied for detecting and analysis of motion errors such as machine tools three-dimensional measuring beds high-precision X-Y platforms and linear slides The developed detection system mainly integrates optical design electronic signal processing and mathematical simulation analysis It can be applied to the detection of related equipment such as precision machinery optoelectronic industry and semiconductor industry
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMing-Shi Wang (Supervisor)

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