Dial-a-ride Problem with Consideration of Service Reliability

  • 李 ?亨

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Dial-a-ride system a sub-system of paratransit transportation is drawing more and more attention by public and government agencies due to population ageing problem The system mainly provides pickup and delivery service for passengers in suburbs and remote areas or districts with less public transportation availability and efficiency In general dial-a-ride system has higher transportation cost per person but more reliable service quality In order to save more cost while constructing a dial-a-ride network the slack time of individual passenger nodes in routes is usually consumed to the lowest extent so that more nodes could be serviced with least number of routes However the slack time deficiency of nodes results in increasing time window violations in route and decreasing service reliability when travel times are fluctuating Therefore we propose a dial-a-ride problem (DARP) with hard time window that considers the tradeoff between transportation cost and service reliability objectives Then we develop an innovative insertion heuristics to solve the proposed problem constructing a robust dial-a-ride route schedule The proposed heuristic is tested on standard instance After route construction we conducts a set of simulations to compare the route schedule constructed by the proposed heuristic with the classical heuristic which only considers transportation cost objective under stochastic travel times The simulation results show that the route built by the proposed heuristic could effectively decrease the percentage of time window violation of nodes caused by stochastic travel times Furthermore the higher the weight the proposed heuristic places on service reliability objective the more significant improvement in percentage of time window violations the route will have the service reliability raises accordingly
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChung-Wei Shen (Supervisor)

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