Dream Container - Interpretation of Dreams and Description of Creation

  • 陳 亭臻

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Dreams have always influenced human thoughts since the existence of human beings As of today with various research about dream the message from our subconscious is still mysterious But the author believes that everyone can get a key to the inner world as long as we try to understand the true meaning of dreams These two creations are based on the author’s dreams and present in virtual reality and a series of digital paintings respectively The Description of creation starts with the motivation and purpose of creation The literature focuses on the interpretation of dreams in different fields and the virtual reality technology used in this creation trying to connect the concept with the author’s own dreams After that the author describes the concept process and method of the two creations in detail and sort out different meaning of the author’s dreams Finally introduce the exhibition and explain the reflection on the two creations The first work “Dream Container” is inspired by the Seth Material Just like walk out of the photo the author expand the dream that has only single picture in virtual reality Through the participation of the audience in the exhibition the boundary between reality and illusion is blurred The second work “See the perfection in imperfection” includes five digital paintings depicting a dream that is long and had a great storyline The author tries to express the importance of balancing body and mind honestly facing one’s heart and understanding inner self
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYang-Cheng Lin (Supervisor)

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