Dual-Slot Power-Pickup Structure for Contactless Strip Inductive Power Transfer Track

  • 陳 奕霖

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The contactless inductive power transmission technique has received considerable attention in recent years However the efficiency of contactless inductive power system has not reached an optimal level because most of power is wasted in the air The research aims to develop a dual-slot type power pickup suitable for the inductive power track for contactless power transmission This technology will make a more effective transmission of power for automated production line system The study consists of three phase The initial phase tested the winding of strip type inductive power track where the magnetic flux density is more stable and stronger The next phase involved testing of the newly-developed inductively coupled structure experimentally in magnetic field simulation and magnetic equivalent circuit model The final phase was to verify the contactless transmission characteristics of a proposed strip type inductive power track system and to construct a combination which was designed the whole system having SPLSC topology of a full bridge as compound resonant circuit and strip type inductive power track with 1 2 m long where frequency modulation is controlled by microcontroller unit In accordance with the experimental results the maximum output power of overall system reached 775 W with transfer efficiency of 64 58% and the maximum transmission efficiency measured to 72 52% at an output power of 289 52 W In other words the efficiency of proposed system is higher than that of the current inductive power track system
Date of Award2017 Jul 26
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJia-You Lee (Supervisor)

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