Dynamic Analysis Vision Guidance and Sensor Networking of Robot Manipulators for Smart Factory Applications

  • 韓 伯炫

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


A modified framework of smart factory centering on industrial robot applications is proposed in this work Under this framework the scenarios of smart factory are realized by implementing dynamic modelling vision guidance sensor networking status monitoring multi-machine integration and human-robot interaction For dynamic modelling of robot manipulators a 3D simulation interface and a dynamic model are built based on kinematic and dynamic analysis For integrating robot manipulator with vision system an indirect calibration method is conducted to set up a reference frame for both the robot system and the vision system resulting in a vision guided robot system For sensor networking and status monitoring sensor fusion is studied as well as a dashboard is built for integrating internal information from machine controllers with external data from sensors To achieve multi-machine integration and human-robot interaction the IoT platforms are utilized for establishing the communication mechanism among different equipment Furthermore the industrial robot and automated guided vehicle are integrated to implement an object transportation scenario In addition external sensors are integrated so that the industrial robot can sense the approaching of human beings Hence the safety mechanism for the human-robot interaction can be established Eventually by using industrial robot as a platform the smart factory scenarios can be realized It is believed that the methodologies and results developed in this work can be applied to fulfill smart factory in a pragmatic way in the future
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorKuo-Shen Chen (Supervisor)

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