Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) Regulator with Fast Reference Tracking Ability

  • 何 俊緯

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


A dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) buck regulator with fast reference tracking ability is proposed With a fast charge distribution control loop using two auxiliary capacitors the output voltage of this buck regulator is able to be quickly switched between different output voltage levels without complex auxiliary circuit and control Besides the adaptive on-time (AOT) control is applied to this regulator for enhancing fast load transient response and maintaining constant switching frequency This chip is fabricated by TSMC 0 35 ?m 2P4M 5V mixed-signal process The chip area is 1 674*1 849 mm2 including pads The input voltage range is from 4 2V to 5V to provide two output voltage levels 1 8V and 3 3V The load current ranges from 10mA to 400mA From a 1 5V step DVS transient test the output voltage is settled within 1 ?s
Date of Award2017 Feb 18
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorLe-Ren Chang-Chien (Supervisor)

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