Effect of Flight Operation on Fuel Consumption During Takeoff and Climb

  • 楊 貴禎

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Fuel is a great concern to the operation of airlines This thesis evaluated the fuel-saving operations procedures during takeoff initial climb and climb by using real flight data downloaded from QAR of both medium haul flights and long haul flights Statistical method such as correlation analysis and regression analysis were performed by using EXCEL VBA SQL Server Database and SPSS software and fuel consumption features for medium haul flights and long haul flights at three flight phases were analyzed The result of the analysis concluded that the fuel consumption for long haul flights and medium haul flights differed majorly from the variation of takeoff weight The operation parameters that influence fuel consumption were identical no matter in medium or long haul flights Lower takeoff thrust setting lower vertical speed for initial climb and climb phase were more fuel conservation operations With the adjust of fuel conservation operations recommended in these analysis results it can save approximately 5 72% of the total flight fuel consumption for medium haul flights and 1 02% for long haul flights
Date of Award2017 Aug 28
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiao-Feng Yuan (Supervisor)

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