Effects of injection strength asymmetry on two mutually coupled lasers

  • 廖 彬凱

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this thesis we present a numerical investigation of mutually injected semi-conductor lasers when the injection strength is asymmetric For the purpose of ap-plications on communication system the investigation focuses on period-one dy-namics and stable dynamics First of all the dynamics scenario of short delay sys-tem is studied to serve as a complete view of the dynamics changing In order to study the effect on chip-scale mutually injected devices we investigate the ul-tra-short delay system Besides the period-one dynamics is investigated in micro-wave fundamental frequency sideband to carrier ratio and sideband rejection ratio and the potential of all-optical microwave generation is illustrated Though symmet-ric mutual injection system is contract with unidirectional injection system mutual injection systems share the same useful characteristic when proper asymmetry is presence Finally the stable dynamics is investigated in oscillation frequency and direct modulation response The tunable high frequency oscillation and the condi-tions of flat frequency response is discovered
Date of Award2018 Sept 5
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Kwang Hwang (Supervisor)

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