Effects of Lightly Doped Drain Doping Concentration on Characteristic and Reliability of High Voltage MOS Transistors

  • 蔡 瑋鴻

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In the thesis three process of lightly Doped Drain manufactured high voltage metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors (HV MOSFET) was studied Devices’ difference of substrate current kirk effect and hot-carrier-induced degradation was investigated First the advantages and usage of HVMOSFET were illustrated The motivation of further studying high-voltage device with different LDD doping was presented Due to the fact that the changing of substrate current Thus the devices’ LDD technology relationship between hot carrier effect and device reliability were performed in the thesis Also technology computer aid design(TCAD) was utilized to discuss the details of the devices Therefore the differential between high-voltage devices with different LDD doping were presented in the second part of the thesis and the structure of the devices and the measurement methodology and setup were also described Including device current ID-VD linear region current ID-VG substrate current Isub-VG The main part of the thesis focuses in difference of current characteristic with different LDD doping The observation of improvement of current characteristic in devices with higher LDD doping And also indicated that the increasing of substrate current get worse in devices with lower LDD doping TCAD was used to analysis the mechanism between devices that is electric field contour impact ionization rate contour The reliability issue was discussed in the thesis which the hot carrier stress was applied to study the degradation of the devices TCAD simulation software was used to study the mechanism of the measurement data And we consume that whether the Isub peak is the worst case of hot carrier stress At the end we found that the lower LDD doping is important for reliability
Date of Award2016 Jul 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJone-Fang Chen (Supervisor)

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