Effects of Nitrogen Doping on the Capacitive Performance of Porous Carbons

  • 蔡 金榮

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Effect of nitrogen doping on the capacitive performance of porous carbons were observed by ammonia doping during heat treatment at high temperature The activated mesophase pitch and phenol formaldehyde carbons were mixed with carbon nanotube then were doped ammonia doping at 700 ?C for 30 min 1 and 2 hours The cell equipped with each nitrogen doping on porous carbons in 1 M Na2SO4 solution can reach a high capacitance value of 250 F g-1 at 0 05 A g-1 and retention 51 % at 100 A g-1 Nitrogen content on carbon surface can increase the polarity and hydrophobicity of carbon and facilitates the wettability between electrode and electrolyte Wettability of inner-pore carbon surface will make the electrolyte ions penetrate into inner pores easily and promote the utilization of charge storage Moreover because of nitrogen doping function as non-faradaic process or electrostatics as EDLC then N-Q and N-X which positively charges affect electron transfer through the carbon frameworks As the result the symmetric cells can deliver high energy of 22 kW kg-1 at low discharge rate with superior stability of 92% capacitance retention after 10 000 cycles of galvanostatic charge-discharge Keywords: ammonia doping activated porous carbons nitrogen doping EDLC Na2SO4
Date of Award2015 Aug 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsisheng Teng (Supervisor)

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