Efficient Route Planning Approaches for Urban Logistics

  • 楊 雅雯

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


As urban people get increasingly busy more and more people prefer online shopping The online shops provide a convenient platform and usually launch some promotion activities for people receive product information and buy them anytime anywhere The change of shopping behavior leads to a large number of goods need to be transported and grows up the revenue of logistics Therefore there is a topic named Urban Logistics attracts the attention from companies As the amount of goods increase the quality of service may decrease with a worse routing planning Moreover people live in urban get busier Considering the specified time of customers it is difficult to find a high quality solution In Urban Logistics the tasks are to distribute the goods to corresponding customers efficiently pick-up goods from customers in their specified time window and finish requirements of customers in business hours The objective is to minimize the logistics cost which consists of used vehicles and travel distances as much as possible As we know in the Taiwan urban logistics environment it is difficult to visit customers in their specified time window under limited resources Therefore we propose two efficient approaches to solving Urban Logistics under time constraint or not and compare with some routing strategies In this thesis we design Partition-Routing-Insertion Navigator (PRI-Navigator) and Pool-based Recursive Constructor (PRC) for finding high quality logistics routes by considering real logistics constraints In PRI-Navigator we design various strategies and algorithms for goods partition route planning and goods insertion PRC consists of an urgent value measurement several customer selection strategies and a pool-based mechanism We use them to calculate the cost of each customer and select the most suitable customer for route constructing recursively To evaluate the performance of algorithms we proposed we have two phase experiments based on four semi-real logistics datasets which are collected from KERRY TJ Logistics The experimental results show that the performance of PRI-Navigator and PRC under various customer selection strategies all outperforms the other routing strategies in terms of route’s quality
Date of Award2017 Aug 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsueh-Chan Lu (Supervisor)

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