Election mobilization to social media: A study from 「I chungli people」

  • 藍 雅彗

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Social media has transformed the one-way communication method of mass media to audience and its low cost and characteristic of immediate connection with network brings new forms of communication channel to individuals who like to plunge in politics with insufficient resources Since social media popularity politicians who propagate ideas to voters through social media are increasing but for election time candidates are still accustomed to using “land war”and “air war” mobilization methods to change the object of voters Wang Hao Yu the founder of “I chunglipeople” connected with voters through social media representing Green Party to be elected into Taoyuan City Council in 2014 and 2018 9-in-1 elections proving that the online operation of social media can be an offline substantive ballot This research uses theories and perspectives of social media public sphere and social capital to explore how“I chunglipeople”mobilizes people to do the voting behavior and refers to relevant Chinese and English literature books and Internet materials and also interviews founder of “I chunglipeople”、4 fan-page users and 2 media operators of political community by in-depth interview method The study has found that social media provides a public sphere for “I chunglipeople” so every fan can express their opinions and opinions on this fan page and the unique operating methods of the operators increase the stickiness of fans to“I chunglipeople” and its accumulated social capital can mobilize people to vote
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChih-Chieh Chou (Supervisor)

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