Elucidating the Effects of the Product Information Quantity on Decision-Making Models

  • 許 瑋芸

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In preference-matching tasks people hope to find some particular product or service they prefer and extensive numbers of options increase the chance of successful search On the other hand some research also suggests that people in the face of complex options are difficult to make choices When information overload may change to a non- compensatory but more efficient decision rule Generally speaking an appropriate number of options strengthen consumer's purchase intention Previous research shows that 6 ± 2 is the most suitable number of options provided Therefore the purpose of this study is to research the effect of the display number show the same results as previous research or not and decision-making process in different quantity of stimuli Choosing process is affected by the quantity of available stimuli and information subjects received About the quantity of available stimuli this study set 3 groups of stimuli The first is group "limited-choice" contains 6 colorful stimuli The second is group "extensive choice" contains 30 colorful stimuli The third is group "more extensive choice" contains 30 colorful stimuli with patterns This research takes Peter Wright’s decision-making models for protocol analysis The result shows “MINIMAX-MAXIMAX” and “CONJUNCTION- DISJUNCTION” are two decision-making models the most commonly used Subjects tend to consider one stimulus or one stimuli group at one time In the more information group “exclude after decision” doesn’t increase Subjects decrease extensive information into limited information by classification Thus the use of decision-making model isn’t obviously different in three information groups For application classification of extensive products helps reduce information overload Therefore products may attract consumers easily Collocate products with the best-selling product and consumer may buy the whole set
Date of Award2014 Aug 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Heng Ho (Supervisor)

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