Enhanced photocatalytic performance of g-C3N4 through the addition of ?-MoO3 nanobelts and TiO2 mesoporous beads

  • 楊 氏金燕

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Multi-component photocatalysts based on g-C3N4 was synthesized to enhance the photocatalytic performance of g-C3N4 Exfoliated g-C3N4 was fabricated by heating melamine at 550°C followed by the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to exfoliate bulk g-C3N4 Mesoporous TiO2 beads were prepared using a two-step process ?-MoO3 nanobelts were made by the hydrothermal method Two groups of binary-component photocatalysts of TiO2 mesoporous beads/exfoliated g-C3N4 and ?-MoO3 nanobelts/ exfoliated g-C3N4 having various compositions were then made Based on the performance of these binary-component photocatalysts ?-MoO3 nanobelts/ mesoporousTiO2 beads/exfoliated g-C3N4 ternary composite photocatalysts were synthesized The photocatalytic performance of all the single-binary and ternary component photocatalysts was evaluated by degrading methyl blue under both UV and visible light irradiations
Date of Award2018 Aug 8
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJyh-Ming Ting (Supervisor)

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