Ergonomic design and user behavior analysis of ambiguous keyboards on touchscreen mobile phones

  • 黃 煜鈞

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Mobile phone touchscreens have many ergonomic problems related to text entry Previous studies which were attempts to use ambiguous keyboards to resolve problems related to small keys have focused on the disambiguation process without consideration of the user loading on a graphic user interface This study investigates user loadings which interfere with performance in the key selection phase when people are using an ambiguous keyboard Typing efficiency experiment related to the disambiguation phase were also conducted in this study Hence three QWERTY-like ambiguous keyboards and a standard QWERTY keyboard were compared via visual search manual operation and text entry efficiency experiments The visual search experiment showed that layouts with many letters per key were strongly related to long visual search times and the Hick-Hyman lay failed to predict users’ performance on ambiguous keyboards In addition keyboard layouts with large keys were operated faster and more accurately in the manual operation experiment In addition users’ manual performance could be predicting by the Fitts’ law Consequently the trade-off between visual and manual loading differed among different letter-key assignments In addition the typing efficiency experiment showed the importance of previous typing experience and the compatibility between operating posture and keyboard layouts This study is important in that it elucidates the impacts of visual and manual loadings on ambiguous keyboards as well as the fact that it provides user interface designers with an enhanced understanding of how to design ambiguous keyboards based on user criteria Meanwhile future work could build a cognitive model of ambiguous keyboard operation based on the findings of this study and a new concept of “adaptive user interface” was proposed based on the findings as well
Date of Award2016 Sep 8
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorFong-Gong Wu (Supervisor)

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