Evaluation on the Drainage Runoff Apportion Benefits for Detention Pond & Highland Interception Methods-A Case Study of San-Yei Chi Watershed

  • 蘇 友德

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Examining the area of San Yei Erren and Yansui Stream Watershed showed that 1 019 ha of San Yei Stream Watershed was previously part of Yansui Stream Watershed Owing to no r unoff a pportion in farmland replotting before the area of San Yei Stream Watershed was increased by about 20% (5 244 to 6 263 ha ) As a result flood prevention effort of San Yei Stream Watershed is seriously hindered In order to return the watershed which previously belonged to Yansui Stream we suggest to use h ighland i nterception m ethod in the watershed area In the case of 10 years recurrence period rainfall the Dawan detention pond plan of this research can contain up to 224 thousand tons of rainwater and reduce peak runoff by 19 4 cms which is about 26% of Dawan Drainage runoff (Qc ms = 75) The evaluation of i nterception plan shows that total i nterception area is 599 ha and about 23% of watershed area calculated f rom Wandai Bridge (2 644ha ) In the term of runoff total interception capacity is 62 5cms (10 years recurrence period) and about 27% of Wandai Bridge Watershed runoff (229cms) As a result the overflow limit of high flood risk area along San Yei Stream is increased from 25 years recurrence period to 50 years recurrence period
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJan-Mou Leu (Supervisor)

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