Evidence Sharing Framework to Support Job Matching Events

  • 呂 猶龍

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Job seekers and recruiters often turn to online recruitment services provided by job portals Through these job portals massive information is exchanged and matched between job seekers and recruiters Job portals provide more services for information exchanging or filtering but with less support for job matching between job seeker and recruiter Users including the job seekers and recruiters have to match the information between job requirements and seeker expertise manually to identify potential candidates It further leads challenges in dealing with large amount of job matching events and performing job matching with evidence in an event While the amount of users on job portals increase the effort spent on job matching will also raise rapidly Moreover without common criteria to comprehend the job requirements it is possible for job seekers to misunderstand the requirement To resolve the challenges this work establishes an evidence sharing framework for automatic evidential job matching between job seekers and recruiters The framework extracts evidences from software artifacts expressing job seeker’s expertise and recruiter’s requirement in a shared model Job seekers and recruiters can ensure their compatibility through the match report provided A case study is conducted to investigate the effectiveness of the framework in realistic conditions The result shows that 28% of criteria suggested by participants are directly covered by the criteria currently implemented in the framework The coverage can be enhanced to 58% by extending criteria Also the framework can distinguish the expertise of each member in the same project team
Date of Award2015 Feb 10
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHewijin-Christine Jiau (Supervisor)

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