Examining Taiwan's City-region Governance from the Perspective of Collaborative Governance--A Case Study of the Strategic Planning of Keelung River Valley Corridor

  • 劉 睿航

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Under globalization the concept of urban area has emerged which involves many public issues such as transportation industrial natural environment social and cultural and so on These public issues are actually intertwined by many complex stakeholders In this context the concept of urban regional governance has been proposed and is regarded as a key mode to assist governments in handling cross-regional issues Therefore it has been increasingly discussed what kind of institutional arrangements can construct accomplished and effective governance Favorable governance practices actually depends on numerous vertical and horizontal coordination and collaboration In view of this this research adopts collaborative governance viewpoint as a new governance perspective which will solve complex and difficult collective action problems and then simplify and propose a new institutional managemental arrangement model to facilitate effective handling of public policy and decision-making This research will use the collaborative governance framework proposed by Emerson Nabatchi and Balogh (2011) and add the "Metcalfe Scale" to explore the coordination relationship between organizations so as to facilitate the investigation the problems and challenges in dynamic process of the Keelung River Valley Corridor regional development strategy plan In order to answer the research purpose this research method is based on case study combined with literature analysis in-depth interview and participation observation to assist in exploring the research case The in-depth interview method takes three local governments and the central government as the main interview subjects In addition through interviews with private engineering consults incorporated to clarify the main operating modes of the current cross-regional collaboration actually In the way of this it provides a reference basis for relevant practical operations in Taiwan as well as follow-up policies
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWei-Ju Huang (Supervisor)

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