Examining the Value Co-Creation Process of International Design Competition and Enterprise Participant:Perspective from Micro Design Brand in Taiwan

  • 吳 品潔

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In today's competitive battleground international design award is a strategy for companies to distinguish themselves from competitors The benefit of design award has different values for different sizes of participants For the Micro Design Brands (MDBs) with less capital manpower management capacity and marketability design award has given the opportunities of promotion and improvement Previous studies pointed out that successful International Design Competitions (IDCs) must include interaction and co-evolution with participants Thus the purpose of this research is to explore the Value Co-creation (VCC) process between IDCs and MDBs and give suggestions for the development of mechanism This study used qualitative research methods with the framework divided into: (1) To identify the co-created value between IDCs and MDBs (2) To identify the VCC process between IDCs and MDBs (3) To explore facilitating effects of the VCC process in developing IDCs and MDBs To sum up the value co-creation process and future development mechanism of IDCs and MDBs data were collected from literature review and in-depth interviews and were analyzed among multiple case studies The results include three parts first values created by the IDCs and MDBs include organizational value emotional value economic value and network relationship value Second there were three phases of VCC process: vision sharing co-benefit and value circulation These three phases illustrated that how the both sides exchange information through the platform to achieve the cooperative cognition and then build the opportunity of interaction between two sides to expand the network of stakeholders so as to create a positive circulation of both roles and social diffusion; Third this study proposed different collaboration strategies between IDCs and MDBs This research provided deeper insights for the relevant organizations whether competition participants or organizers
Date of Award2017 Feb 10
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Han Yang (Supervisor)

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