Examining Value Co-Creation Process: A Case of Fashion Blogger to Personal Brand Entrepreneur

  • 王 禹心

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With the Web 2 0 and the emergence of social media a number of bloggers who share fashion-related content have received recognition from their readers Previous studies often took fashion bloggers as influencers and market mavens for discussion A recent phenomenon of bloggers-turned-entrepreneurs indicates that some fashion bloggers have successfully transformed their blogs into personal brands with self-owned platforms for retailing in either off-line or on-line channels However the process behind this phenomenon involving co-creation has not yet been fully investigated Thus the purpose of this study is to explore the interaction and relationship between bloggers and blog readers through the meaning they co-create which enables the blogger’s personal brand A qualitative approach enabled this study to gain deeper insight into modern consumer behavior under the realm of social media Two Taiwanese fashion bloggers who recently launched their personal brands were chosen as case studies Data collection involved interviews with bloggers and readers: bloggers were interviewed for entrepreneurial behavior and motivation and blog readers were interviewed for participation activities as well as perception and purchasing behavior of bloggers’ brands Analysis shows bloggers went through three stages - from amateur blogger to thematic curator to fashion connoisseur Such a transformation came about as a result of interaction with readers and accumulated resources from the blogging process Through value co-creation blogs initially served as a platform for bloggers and readers to coproduce content and construct functional value With extensive interaction and long-term readership emotional and experiential values are constructed Hence the meaning of the brand is an extension of the accumulated value of the blog Finally blogging as a bottomup branding process reflects the empowerment and behavioral changes of modern consumers who serve as co-authors of the fashion brand
Date of Award2016 Feb 15
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiao-Ling Chung (Supervisor)

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