Existence Confirmation of Photovoltaic Generation Systems and Feeder Hosting Capacity Analysis

  • 謝 家偉

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The development on renewable sources and green technology is increasingly concerned The customers are highly encouraged to install solar power generation and wind power equipment anticipating reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and decreasing the amount of carbon emissions However because most of limited capacities of distributed generation (DG) equipment are privately owned it has caused difficultly for utility maintenance personnel to be aware of such equipment operation and positions It illuminates that if a detection technique can be thoroughly developed for equipment monitoring and management in distribution systems then the operation and location of distributed generation will be more effectively controlled while the smart grid management will be benefited as well When small DGs are connected to grid in a distribution system although they would provide an efficient energy source for local loads yet following the increased amount of installation ratio the voltage profile voltage variation fault current and power quality are all undoubtedly affected To cope with such a problem a short-circuit ratio (SCR) method was often utilized to estimate the rate of voltage change caused by the distributed generation Yet it was observed that under the light load or a weak system this method may not be accurate to meet the requirement The development of an effective algorithm considering different operating scenarios thus becomes crucially important to maintain a distribution system of high-quality operation In view of these demerits the objective of this dissertation is aimed to the study of distribution system resources impact analysis and distributed system operation strategies This dissertation starts from the development of a novel waveform analysis for photovoltaic (PV) inverter injection such that this generation equipment can be identified It is then followed by a novel estimation index of distributed generation capacity proposed to improve the drawback of the conventional short-circuit ratio method Through these proposed methods the impact brought by the distributed generation can be better grasped and the amount and the connected capacity of equipment are more effectively comprehended To verify the effectiveness of these approaches the equivalent system and the practical ones have been extensively simulated Test results indicate that the proposed method not only confirms the generation equipment at the point of common coupling but also benefit the decision-making on the capacity of connected distributed generation The outcome contributed by this dissertation is served as useful references for planning and operating engineers anticipating enhancing the operation performance of grid-connected systems
Date of Award2014 Dec 5
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShyh-Jier Huang (Supervisor)

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