Exploring a Service Design Pattern of an Established Hostel for Backpacker’s Expectation: Case Study of Chan-Yee Hotel Day+

  • 林 宗翰

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In recent decades independent travel has become an increasingly popular trend in the tourism industry Independent travelers plan and undertake their journey without any assistance from a travel agency or retailer Indeed traveling should consist of a flexible itinerary shaped through a self-catering process Many elements such as accommodation should be decided by the travelers themselves In fact hostels have recently become a prevailing choice among independent travelers since many of them provide home-like atmospheres Therefore in order to propose more practical strategies backpacker is the center of this research The framework of service design and the investigation of Analytical Hierarchy Process are used in this research to realize the user’s needs Light Hotel a brand of Chan-Yee Hotel+ is as a case study to investigate the problems and services in the hostel Through the research the services that backpackers value the most are the room size and quality of bathroom followed by the introduction of hostel and the convenience of payment The investigation in Light Hostel show the satisfaction of room size could be enhanced but most of customers are satisfied on booking process However English tourism information and breakfast are a little insufficient Therefore the research is to search out the services needed to be improved or enhanced based on backpacker’s need and proposing a feasible suggestion of service pattern In this study the purpose is aimed to provide the service pattern for backpackers in the hostel Additionally this research cooperates with the industry “Chan-Yee Hotel Day+” that involves the participant observation and intern to deeply realize the needs of customers and eventually providing a service design for hostel industry
Date of Award2015 Nov 23
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Han Yang (Supervisor)

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