Exploring Customization Experience Strategy of Fashion Industry- A Case Study of Fashion Handbag Startup Workshop

  • 陳 香香

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In modern society customers have greater purchasing power and diversity of fashion products to choose from than ever before Markets are overloaded with mass produced products and some customers have started to search for individual fashions that can represent their own style social interests and economic position Customized designs have become one of strategy for satisfying the multifaceted demands of less easily satisfied customers In Taiwan a number of designers have seen this demand as an opportunity to start their own businesses or take their existing business in a new direction Using micro-workshops as a customer experience strategy which integrates clients’ desire for personal hands-on involvement with customized designs designers have tried to meet customer needs In this study we examine this new trend by: (1) exploring the background stories current conditions motivations and personal values of several entrepreneurs to enter the highly competitive fashion industry using Ray’s “Understanding the entrepreneur” model (2) explore the customization experience strategy of designer startups in Micro-Workshop experience based on J Nam’s “Customer based on Brand Equity” model (3) and develop customization experience strategy-based development guidelines for start-up entrepreneurs in creating customer experience Data will be collected from both primary sources (in-depth interviews with Taiwanese entrepreneurs) and secondary sources (articles speeches newspapers and magazines) It is hoped that the findings in this research can create a new business concept and opportunity for the creative design industry To try to capture the complexity of this issue three case studies have been conducted in this research The case studies focus on entrepreneurs that have opened a studio and built customer experience by offering micro-workshops A qualitative approach has been applied in this study Data collection involved semi structured in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs to understand their motivation One focus of the interviews is to learn about the challenges and opportunities that startups face in the process of building their brand including exploring the strategies based on customization experience A questionnaire survey was distributed to customers who joined the micro-workshop to evaluate how effectively the micro-workshop creates unique customized designs The value of this research is to provide a deeper insight to inform new designer start-ups entrepreneurs and practitioners of current practices The outcome of this research could provide a new theory idea and model of the customization experience framework that can be an effective tool for creating customization experiences based on customer needs
Date of Award2016 Aug 15
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiao-Ling Chung (Supervisor)

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