Exploring Employees' Well-being; Psychological Well-being and Spiritual Well-being

  • 卡 琳德

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Too often employees’ well-being has been studied in affiliation with psychological well-being (PWB) and neglected other forms of well-being like Spiritual well-being (SPWB) Job effectiveness characteristics such as performance and job-satisfaction have been over examined as consequences or contributors to well-being This study focuses on employees and examines the relationship that well-being; Psychological and Spiritual has with non-job effectiveness variables; Emotional Exhaustion Workplace well-being and Overall Life well-being The study highlights the fact that spiritual well-being has been undermined as an effective predictor of well-being and that although it has similarities with psychological well-being it is distinct in many ways Questionnaires were sent to human resource personnel of various organizations whom distributed them to subordinates Results indicate that PWB and SPWB have strong positive correlations and they have strong main effects on non-job effectiveness Further analyses were conducted to examine the main effects of their sub-dimensions Limitations and further research areas are discussed
Date of Award2014 Sep 5
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorLi-Fang Chou (Supervisor)

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