Exploring the Green Innovation Strategy in Wedding Industry: A Perspective from Customer Expectation of Service

  • 韓 昕凌

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


While green innovation has been extensively investigated for secondary industries we seldom explore the new elements of green innovation from the perspective of the customer In fact in Taiwan carbon dioxide is not only produced by manufacturing but is also generated by service industries accounting for about 30% Furthermore the ranking of carbon dioxide in the wedding industry is the third highest among service industries In light of this research gap this research is concerned about the possibility of exploring green innovation in the wedding industry and determines the green innovation developmental process in the wedding industry from a customer perspective The research design based on three-step approach aims to provide an action plan by which firms can execute green innovation in the wedding industry In the first stage in-depth interviews were conducted with seventeen managers of service providers in the wedding industry and ten couples either one year before or after their weddings to delineate the industry structure and possible service categories In the second stage in order to clarify customer preferences ten AHP questionnaires were collected from couples as the first stage In the third stage the findings from previous stages were coordinated using case studies of wedding-related companies: Kuos Moncoeur and Bywood The findings indicate that firms should identify their positions and then consider the stage of service the current resources and the ranking of customer preferences to illustrate developmental strategies for green innovation in the wedding industry
Date of Award2015 Feb 24
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Han Yang (Supervisor)

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