Exploring the Influence of Customer Incivility Behavior from the Perspective of Stress Mindset: The Mediation Process and Moderation Effect

  • 陳 曉鈴

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


In the workplace uncivilized behaviors are often occurring especially in the highly interpersonal interactive medical service industry This study explores a moderated mediation model in which whether employee trait and supervisor trait play contextual roles in the sequential mediation between customer incivility stress mindset of employees stress coping strategy and stress outcomes The nursing staff was surveyed to collect research data and test research hypotheses at three time points The results of statistical analysis supported the theoretical model of moderated sequential mediation Results show that customer incivility behaviors can trigger different stress mindsets (positive and negative) and different stress coping strategies (deep acting and surface acting) and then affect stress outcome When nursing staff with higher customer orientation characteristic it will exacerbate rather than alleviates the relationship between customer incivility behavior and negative stress mindset but also strengthens rather than weakens the relationship between customer civility behavior and positive stress mindset Moreover when the head nurse has higher servant leadership characteristics it can reduce the relationship between customer incivility behavior and negative stress mindset Finally this study illustrates the theoretical contributions and research limitations based on the results of statistical analysis It also proposes relevant practical suggestions for medical authorities and related units in the planning and use of nursing human resources in the future
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Chieh Fang (Supervisor)

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