Exploring the influences of city-county consolidation on the planning of Taichung International Airport and its surrounding areas from a territorial politics perspective

  • 黃 敬倫

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The management rights of many infrastructures in Taiwan belong to the central government while the surrounding area is planned and managed by the local government Sometimes there are circumstances in which the central and local government compete The outcome depends on the power relation between the government Previous studies have indicated the power relations can be affected by the electoral system or adjustment of administrative areas such as city-county consolidation (hereafter “the consolidation”) In 2010 Taiwan experienced the consolidation thus its impact on inter-governmental relations and cross-level spatial planning thus need to be further explored The research framework uses the Kevin Cox's operation mode of territorial structure of the state together with the central and local development planning imagination Analyzing how the consolidation affects the way of requesting resources responsibilities of organizations and power relations between the local and central government and the outcome The research result the consolidation has changed the administrative system fiscal budget local development planning pattern and way of requesting resources Regarding the section of development planning pattern around the airport prior to the consolidation the planning was focused on landscape construction After the consolidation planning considers the entire Taichung and plans the development of an industrial park around the airport Besides the way of requesting resource the consolidation has improved the power of discourse of the local government and equalized the power relation between the local and central government
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWei-Ju Huang (Supervisor)

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