Exploring the Value Co-Creation in Sharing Economy Platform from the Perspective of Entrepreneurial Evolving Process: Case Study of Chihuozao

  • 陳 曉宣

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The aim of this research is to explore the role of value co-creation in the entrepreneurial evolving process and network and how co-created value influence the development under the context of sharing economy Recently sharing economy (collaborative consumption) spring up all over the world Large amounts of entrepreneurs evolve in this new emerging trend try to search for entrepreneurial opportunity dig out the potential idle resources and create a new business model to earn profit There are some new ventures successfully overturn the traditional business model with the model of sharing economy in the different industries The researcher intends to explore the mutual relations among platform (the entrepreneur) producer customers key stakeholders and affecting factors and co-create meaningful value for the company and other key stakeholders in this complicated network First the researcher conducts a literature review on the concept of sharing economy entrepreneurial process and value co-creation Second relevant theories and perspectives are integrated and analyzed and a framework of entrepreneurial evolving process in the sharing economy are proposed Third this new framework is used as a basic data to examine the case study In the research process the researcher employed the research method of participant observation and interviewed the entrepreneur consumers and other key stakeholders and used questionnaire to collect research data In the end the collected data and secondary data were analyzed for the purpose of contributing to a result and suggestion benefiting the company The researcher finally explored that value co-creation plays a critical role in the co-evolutionary relation between entrepreneurial evolving process and entrepreneurial network under the context of the sharing economy In addition the platform of Chihuozao establishes the online exclusive community to positively frequently and friendly communicate with consumers in order to build up the dense connection The co-evolutionary relation between the entrepreneurial evolving process and network influenced by value co-creation speed up the co-evolutionary process to set up the effective business model and gain advantage in the market and become irreplaceable
Date of Award2017 Feb 17
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Han Yang (Supervisor)

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