Fabrication and application of hybrid micro/nano structure by MEMS technology

  • 杜 昆澤

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Application of micro nano structure and direction has been the subject of much research Traditionally micron manufacturing process to MEMS-based system The CO2 laser of 10 6 μm in wavelength is an inexpensive rapid and flexible one for the soft polymer processing It has been widely applied to the fabrication of microchannel ablation and modification in the categories of MEMS bio-chip optical/optoelectronic devices displays and laser dentistry The basic CO2 laser physics is photo-thermal mechanism for material removal therefore some defects of debris bulges cracks and scorches around ablated microstructure are formed during laser processing in air which degrades the device yield and quality for bonding And anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) containing high-aspect ratio pore channels is widely used as a template for fabricating nanowires or other one-dimensional nanostructures This study was mainly focused on the development of process improvement and application of micro-nano structures nano-micro-development and production of the composite structure The feasibility of the proposed approach is demonstrated by fabricating two micromixers with Y-shaped and T-shaped microchannels respectively It shows that for a designed channel width of 100 μm the metallic mask reduces the ablated channel width from 268 to 103 μm Moreover the bulge height around the rims of the channel is reduced from 8 3 to
Date of Award2016 Aug 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChen-Kuei Chung (Supervisor)

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