Fabrication of complex nanoscale surfaces and their application in functional coatings

  • 陳 凱俊

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Nanostructures have demonstrated the ability for superior performance compared to their bulk counterparts for a wide variety of applications One promising use of nanostructured surfaces is as functional coatings that can self-clean and protect expensive surfaces without compromising the transparency In this work we optimized the performance of such coatings by modifying fundamental properties We demonstrate that the uniform chemical modification of graphene by plasma does not help in increasing the surface’s hydrophobic character Instead we find that the hydrophobicity is very sensitive to the surface morphology and a maximization of mesoscale (sub-micron) structures can increase the contact angle to 145° Finally we introduce a novel method to precisely produce complex mesoscopic structures on a large scale This approach is based on the dielectrophoretic deposition of particles using complex electrode geometries and shows the ability to form novel nanoparticles that enhance the surface properties
Date of Award2017 Jul 19
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYen-Hsun Su (Supervisor)

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