Fabrication of GaN/AlGaN Based Hydrogen Gas Sensors

  • 鄭 宇志

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this thesis the series of GaN/AlGaN-base Schottky diode hydrogen sensors have been fabricated and studied The native oxide (GaxOy) formed on GaN surface by H2O2 treatment and UV fabrication of palladium nanoparticles are used on Schottky sensing area to improve sensing performance The steady-state and transient-state characteristics of device are measured under different hydrogen concentration and humidity in and air atmosphere Firstly three different structure of GaN/AlGaN Schottky diode-type hydrogen sensor without treatment are fabricated and demonstrated Because the GaN/AlGaN materials have wide band gap the Schottky diode-type hydrogen sensors can stablely operate at higher temperature and then the best sensing performance of sensor device will be processed for subsequent research UV fabrication of Pd nanoparticle not only decrease energy consumption for making Schottky contact but also use on general hydrogen sensor to increase sensing area Finally the native oxide (GaxOy) layer formed on GaN by H2O2 treatment and combined with aforementioned research
Date of Award2016 Jul 28
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Chau Liu (Supervisor)

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