Fabrication of polymer surface microstructure using liquid-assisted CO2 Laser Ablation for the enhancement of Triboelectric effect

  • 蘇 舶尼

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Global energy usage and production are inefficient Triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) is a promising technique to efficiently reuse the energy Herein we discuss cost efficient and feasible fabrication process for the enhancement of triboelectric effect in materials The CO2 laser of 10 16 ?m wavelength is one of the cost-effective rapid and reliable polymer material processing methods This photo-thermal process for material subtraction causes some defects like debris cracks and bulges near the laser-ablated area We propose a novel concept in advanced laser processing for the fabrication of microstructure Liquid-assisted laser processing (LALP) considered an idle method for the fabrication of polymer-based microstructure reduces the defects relatively to the air assisted laser processing and benefits in a result of obtaining organised debris and size controlled bulges The manipulation of the Laser Parameters the Power the Scanning speed Points per inch and nozzle air flow pressure over the different laser ablation techniques liquid and Air the organisation of Distribution of particles to sub-micrometre size possible For the controlled parameters of laser ablation at a Power of 1 5 W scanning speed of 57 mm/s PPI of 1000 and nozzle air flow pressure of 1 42 psi the particles are found to be maximum The Observed voltage and current in the TENG performance confirm the effect
Date of Award2016 Sep 1
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChen-Kuei Chung (Supervisor)

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