Fabrication of the Inverted Type Organic Solar Cells via Soft Contact Lamination Method

  • 董 勁吾

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The initial motivation of this study is to increase the throughput rate for fabricating the inverted type organic solar cells (OSCs) by applying the soft contact lamination (SCL) method in place of the ordinary method The ordinary method means to deposit the OSC materials layer by layer in the bottom-up sequence on one panel; on the other hand the SCL method is to deposit the OSC materials individually on the top and the bottom plates before laminating them together The treatments on the top and the bottom plates can be carried out in the mean time hence the work flow is divided for reducing the throughput time Taking the standard fabrication procedure of our laboratory for example it takes about 450 minutes to fabricate eight pieces of OSC devices in one throughput by using ordinary method but only 280 minutes by using SCL method The power converting efficiency (PCE) of the SCL-fabricated OSC reaches 2 41% which is comparable to the PCE of 2 54% of the ordinary-fabricated OSC Moreover we applied the SCL method to connect the inverted OSCs in a series circuit effectively the short circuit current maintains stable and the open circuit voltage increases linearly with the number of OSCs connected We also built an anti-reflection structure on the electrode to enhance the light trapping ability of our SCL-fabricated OSC which increased the PCE to 2 65%
Date of Award2014 Aug 25
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChie Gau (Supervisor)

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