Finding Skyline with Customer Preferences and Cost Constraints

  • 黃 品介

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The importance of skyline and dominance relationship analysis has been well recognized in multicriteria decision-making applications In this paper we propose the problem of “Finding Skyline with Customer Preferences and Cost Constraints” which utilizes the concept of dominance for business analysis from a microeconomic perspective Our problem aims to discover the dominance relationship between products and potential customers Given a set of customer preferences we want to help the company to design set of competitive products so that the products can satisfy as many customer requirements as possible and the cost of producing the products is within a specified threshold By “competitive products” we mean that the products cannot be dominated by other products in the market We formally define the problem and discuss the difficulty of the problem We also present the foundation and the intuition of our pruning methods Then we proposed three efficient algorithms that utilize our pruning methods to address the problem In addition we also prove the correctness of our proposed algorithms Finally we conduct a thorough experimental evaluation that demonstrates the efficiency of our proposed algorithms
Date of Award2014 Aug 27
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChiang Lee (Supervisor)

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