Flexible Compact Wideband Antenna Design

  • 蔡 奇霖

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


As the fast progress of social development health care has attracted increasing attention in contemporary societies thus boosted the need for healthcare-related medical knowledge and engineering technologies Implanted antenna is an indispensable and important component for wireless transceiver for implantable sensing systems or assistive human-organ monitoring devices In this dissertation an ultrawideband eye-shaped of the novel shrinking technology antenna design and a wideband low-SAR and compact implantable antenna design are proposed The eye-shaped bending monopole radiator and the modified U-shaped ground plane are designed to increase the input impedance and decrease the lower frequency band under a limited antenna size The operating band (1 2~4 5 GHz) can reach a fractional bandwidth of as high as 142% The overall dimension including the ground area can be shrunk to 0 027 The group delay is nearly constant to ensure the minimal distortion and dispersion From the measurement the antenna radiation pattern is close to omnidirectional and is suitable for general applications The proposed antenna structure of the implantable antenna is printed on different kind of substrate material specifically a thin flexible substrate in motional implantable human body application And this dissertation presents an innovative wideband implantable antenna design operated at Med-Radio band on the flexible substrate The smallest size and the highest bandwidth are achieved to 80 mm3 and 67% compared with the previous literature of the implantable antenna design The bending monopole radiator and the C-shaped ground planar design excite the dual bands to merge the impedance wideband The maximal peak value of the average specific absorption rate (SAR) is approximately 161 W/kg when the incident power is 1 W In addition the maximal incident power of the proposed antenna is approximately 10 mW
Date of Award2014 Aug 26
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChin-Lung Yang (Supervisor)

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