FPGA Implementation of Programmable Arduino Compatible System

  • 李 彥柏

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With the Maker culture is being on the rise more and more Makers begin to use development boards to implement their projects in both technology and art fields Among those development boards Arduino is the most popular one for its simplicity It allows makers who do not have an EE or CS background to develop their own projects easily and quickly Arduino is simple and easy to use but it is sometimes limited by the insufficient I/O pins and the lacking of hardware peripherals on board Makers may have to purchase several kinds of expansion devices in order to complete their projects The main objective of this thesis is to propose a new development board solution such that Makers can use only one board to fulfill most of their project needs In this thesis a programmable system platform called "URduino" has been proposed and designed This platform is divided into hardware and software parts In the hardware part we not only provide different circuit generation files for downloading to FPGA where OpenRISC is benchmarked as the main processor We also implement the peripheral circuits including GPIO Timer External Interrupt UART and etc In the software part we modify the original Arduino IDE and implement the responsive APIs for compiling and programming our proposed FPGA development board For transparency the operating process of Arduino IDE remains the same as before Moreover URduino is a completely open-source development system which provides makers a high degree of freedom in programming and modification URduino is a new development board solution that combines Arduino's simplicity and FPGA's scalability and it provides Makers a more convenient platform to complete all kind of projects more easily
Date of Award2015 Aug 20
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Yu Su (Supervisor)

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