Fracture Analysis and Improvement of Extra Thin QFN Electronic Package under Side Impact

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Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This research employs the finite element analysis software ANSYS to study the behavior in equipment manufacturing process and mainly focuses on the comparison between the results of ANSYS simulation and actual experimental data This research contains two parts the first part is to use the universal testing machine to conduct three-point bending test on the extra thin QFN electronic packages to obtain the data of the ultimate load and deformation Next load the related data to ANSYS set related conditions to proceed the analysis observe the deformation corresponding to real situation and adjust the extra thin QFN electronic package geometry model The second part is to add the boundary conditions of feed module separator and use ANSYS to simulate the current manufacturing process Next determine stress distribution of the defective products under the assumption that the extra thin QFN electronic packages hit the limited block with the flat side and with the sharp point This thesis considers two improvement plans plan 1 is to change the material of limited block to have better shock absorbency; plan 2 is to slow down the extra thin QFN electronic packages before it hits the limited block to reduce the shock The final result shows that the defective rate lowers from 33 pieces to 5 pieces defected per million The quality of the extra thin QFN electronic packages in feed module separator is greatly improved
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Fung Pan (Supervisor)

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