Framework of an Integrated Development Environment for Many-Core OpenRISC SW/HW System and Its GUI Based Visualization Tools

  • 李 柏毅

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Many-core systems have become the main stream for desktop platforms and even mobile devices Not only industries but also opening communities keep working on developing new architectures devices and the associate tools Studying many-core systems and developing applications and systems become very big challenges for most students and even engineers However there are few user friendly integrated development environments for many-core software/hardware systems which support both system development and study of many-core computer architectures In this thesis a GUI based integrated development environment is presented for many-core software/hardware system which uses FPGA board with many-core OpenRISC or a simulator In addition a visualization tool is provided for those who want to learn and/or teach more up-to-date many core computer architectures It sets up a developing routine combined with editing compiling and executing Furthermore the CPU visualization window is constructed to observing the stage processing of CPU pipeline In this thesis the proposed platform enables different use-scenarios and reveals its potential and broad usage in performance analysis memory system design and so on
Date of Award2015 Aug 31
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Yu Su (Supervisor)

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