From Simple to Compound: How Firms' Relationships Influence Brand Evaluation in Smartphone Market

  • 徐 鵬翔

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This study uses one experimental design to investigate the effects of compound relationship and dominant relationship on consumers’ brand evaluations The results found that compound relationship increases primary brands’ evaluation more than simple relationships Besides cooperative dominant relationship benefits primary brands’ evaluation Finally secondary brands tend to have lower perceived credibility under competitive dominant relationship This study may provide emerging brands a different aspect of considering corporate level strategies In the past OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) was the basis of growing for Taiwanese industries Taiwanese manufacturers are mostly concerned with simple relationship as supplier-customer roles Till recent 2 decades there are more and more Taiwanese brands stepping in the global market and got certain success Global supply chain cooperation has been closer each day Global cooperation and competition also has become interactive Firms should not be concerned with only one simple role with the partner firm while they are actually having multiple-role compound relationship This study also discusses the importance and proven results for why compound relationship should be taken into considerations by firms
Date of Award2017 May 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJu-Faye Kao (Supervisor)

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