Generating Variable Animation Sequences for Line drawn Cartoon Faces

  • 邱 俊運

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Comics and animations are the well-known art creation Most people have seen or known about it One of them is the most popular in Taiwan that is manga and anime Many people buy or rent manga from rental manga shop and go to movie theater to see animations A lot of public facility are propaganda by simple anime or manga They are easier understanding than using text because they include image In our work we focus on manga line-drawn and anime human face There are a large number of manga and line-drawn nowadays Animator create multiple line-drawn images known as frame and use illusion to generate animation They turned to colorful animation by coloring In our paper we propose a idea If we have many manga or line-drawn of the same character We want to generate a animation automatically It could be a interesting application and also be a assistant tool for creator In our paper our input are several line-drawn face of the same character and a few sample vector graphics And it can find feature from input face by sample graphics Next we map image to 2-dimension space by features Finally we can create animation automatically or assign frame by user
Date of Award2016 Aug 31
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTong-Yee Lee (Supervisor)

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