Generation of light beams with orbital angular momentum by electron cyclotron motion excited surface plasmon emission

  • 沈 佳輝

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


When the electron beam passes through the grating structure the surface plasma is radiated and changing the period of the grating changes the radiation angle Using this mechanism we designed periodic gratings to be arranged along a circle with an electron beam with electron cyclotron motion passing under the structure to radiate an orbital angular momentum beam By fixing the electron beam energy to change the number of gratings and the number of fixed gratings to change the energy of the electron beam orbital angular momentum beams with different topological charges can be obtained and the phase distribution can be observed This paper mainly discusses a new method for generating orbital angular momentum Due to its unique phase pattern and physical properties it is widely used in optical tweezers optical communication systems and quantum communication
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYung-Chiang Lan (Supervisor)

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