Generation of low-order vortex beam in a solid-state laser pumped by a bottle beam

  • 王 思涵

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


SUMMARY In this thesis we use the bottle beam to pump the Nd:YVO4 laser crystal to generate optical vortex beam The bottle beam is shaped by comprising of axicon and lens so we can shape different spot size of bottle beam by adjusting the focal length of the lens and the distance between the axicon and the lens Considering different spot sizes of bottle beam the relative position of lens and laser crystal and cavity length we can generate optical vortex with different orbital angular momentum We can adjust the parameters and thus produce optical vortex beams of topological charge l = 1 ~ 6 and prove that the radius of the output annular beam will increase as the topological charge number rises Finally we use Mach-Zehnder interferometer cylindrical lens M^2 quality factor to verify the topological charge of optical vortex
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMing-Dar Wei (Supervisor)

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