Globalization and English Teachers' Perceptions

  • 林 逸文

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


During the past decades the globalization of English has changed not only the nature of English but also English education in terms of its policy as well as learning objectives However as the first to bear the brunt English teachers seem not to be well-prepared to adjust to this current trend In addition according to previous studies either theoretically or practically speaking the current English teacher education system has to be reformed to some degrees Therefore the present study aimed at examining current English teacher education in Taiwan and further developing an appropriate curriculum for English teachers Through a 52-item survey possible weaknesses of current English teacher education are first explored including biased views on the idea of English varieties overemphasis on lecturing as well as insufficient knowledge of global perspectives local identities and cross-cultural understanding Next suggestions were provided based on these findings The researcher pointed out that there are several elements needs to be contained in the English teacher education in Taiwan namely the concept of English varieties knowledge of globalization and current issues such as domestic or international daily news local culture exploration and cross-cultural understanding the latter of which should be presented to learners with related activities or discussions in order to equip them with both the knowledge and skills needed for English teaching in Taiwan This study not only provides insights into English teacher education in Taiwan but also contributes to bridging the research gap in the field of teacher education
Date of Award2014 Feb 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Li Tsou (Supervisor)

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